Research in Life sciences

A field undergoing profound transformations

The arrival of high throughput DNA sequencing technology has created a deluge of biological data, thrusting scientists into the digital age. The consequences of this information tsunami are far-reaching and have complexified the management, visualization and analysis of the associated data. Yet this mass of data contains infinite potential for great discoveries. To exploit these possibilities, the mastery of IT innovations is crucial.

Enancio helps biologists make the digital transition while keeping their focus on biology.

Fields of activity

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Our Product

The vLab

Simplify the analysis of all your biological data with our software platform


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Data structuring
Unified environment
Get results in a few clicks

Thanks to automatic workflows of the bioinformatic modules, results are obtained in a few clicks without pre-configuration or third-party software installation. The repeatability of analyses is improved.

Fast analyses with low IT resources

We use our expertise in the processing of massive data to make analysis workflows. Each one of them is specially designed for fast performance with low computing resource requirements.

Interoperable bioinformatic tools

Each of the bioinformatic modules in the analysis workflows is accessible within a dedicated directory. The exchanges between these modules are standardized to promote their interoperability.

Compression of Fastq files

With technology developed by INRIA, the Enancio compression tool allows you to reduce fastq file size by a factor of 15 while keeping the whole file : sequencers, headers, quality fields and paired reads. Smart quality smoothing allows for good compression with no loss of information.

The file format is designed to guarantee reliable archiving and rapid use. Files are readable with no pre-redecompression.

Create links between data

The vLab integrates heterogeneous data by structuring it according to ontology terms (i.e. EDAM), facilitating the accessibility of associated knowledge.

One community, one vLab

The vLab is the same for all the users within a community. This makes it a powerful tool for the diffusion of bioinformatic tools and for analysis repeatability, for the management of shared data bases within the community and for the integration of feedback and subsequent upgradability of the platform.

Screenshot of the vLab – click for more details

Available analyses
  • Variant detection on exome and whole genome
  • Differential expression of Genes
  • RAD-Seq population genomics / quantitative genomics
  • Genome-Wide Association Study
  • Environmental study based on Metagenomics approach
  • DNA/RNA-Protein Interactions (ChIP-Seq/CLIP-Seq)
  • Differential expression of Proteins

Our Team

Yvan Le Bras

Data management and analysis

PhD in Biology

12 years experience in massive data analysis

Guillaume Rizk

Algorithmic innovation

PhD in Computer Science

10 years experience in algorithmics for bioinformatics

Jennifer Del Giudice


Biotechnological engineer

6 years experience in business development

François Moreews

Software platform expert

PhD in Computer Science

12 years experience in software development, cloud and big data.

Stéphane Picq

Platform development

Computer Science engineer

13 years experience from development to production