Research in Life sciences

A field undergoing profound transformations

The arrival of high throughput DNA sequencing technology has created a deluge of biological data, thrusting scientists into the digital age. The consequences of this information tsunami are far-reaching and have complexified the management, visualization and analysis of the associated data. Yet this mass of data contains infinite potential for great discoveries. To exploit these possibilities, the mastery of IT innovations is crucial.

Enancio’s innovation is focused on genomic data compression with clear objectives: speeding-up NGS analyses, lowering storage cost, lowering internal network traffic while preserving your data integrity.

Fields of activity

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Our Product

The fastest genomic compressor, click here for more details.


Fast compression time
Store more data at lower cost
Increase SNPs detection
Lossless mode
.FASTQ and .BAM compression

Our Team

Yvan Le Bras

Data management and analysis

PhD in Biology

12 years experience in massive data analysis

Guillaume Rizk


PhD in Computer Science

10 years experience in algorithmics for bioinformatics

Jennifer Del Giudice


Biotechnological engineer

6 years experience in business development

Stéphane Picq

Software development

Computer Science engineer

13 years experience from development to production