Lena technology was developed by Guillaume Rizk, CTO and co-founder of Enancio at the National Research Institute of Informatic and Automation (INRIA) in Rennes, France in 2015. The original compression software has evolved in order to perfectly fit into NGS analysis workflow. Lena is an on-site software that features :

Lena is an on-premise software that features:

1. High performance in lossless mode

2. Fast compression time

3. Excellent parallelization

4. Invisible and fast decompression for a fluid usage in subsequent NGS analyses

5. Integration with the latest sequencing platforms

6. Flexible format support

7. Version continuum

8. Encryption

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Decompression Compression Faster mapping Reduced storage cost Faster and secured file transfer


While 1 TB of storage allows you to store 8 whole human genomes (fastqgz format), Lena gives you the possibility to store up to 40 whole human genomes, keeping the exact same information (lossless compression), increasing your storage capacity by a factor of 5 and at the same time reducing your storage cost. Development of Lena follows sequencing platform trends. New versions take into account these evolutions and a continuum is guaranteed from one version to the other.


In order to regenerate original fastq files decompression is available at no charge.

Faster and secured file transfer

In most cases, genomic data is neither analyzed nor stored on-site, therefore transfer is part of the data flow. When looking at the whole human genome, transfer of one zipped fastq file may take over 4 hours depending on bandwith performance. Once compressed with Lena, the whole human genome will take less than 1 hour to transfer. If extra protection is required, Lena provides encryption without impacting the integrity of the data.

Reduced storage cost

Time savings is not the only benefit you will get by compressing your genomic files with Lena. You will also see a direct impact on your storage cost bill. With our business model, which is based on volume of data compressed, you know you’re paying for only what you need.

Faster mapping

Enancio’s team is particularly dedicated to developing a compression software that perfectly fits into subsequent NGS analyses workflow. As a result .fastq.lena files are readable by most mapping software in a timely fashion, faster than .fastqgz files. Lena software adapts to your infrasctructure and can use as many computing threads as you can provide, significantly both lowering the internal network traffic and increasing mapping speed.